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The process of improving quality and resolving field issues has not changed much since Bill Smith proposed Six Sigma in 1980. While professionals know how to fix product issues when they happen, they typically don’t know when there is a major problem that needs fixed until several years after a product with bad components is released.

GradeQ is committed to changing quality by introducing new methods of identifying, justifying, resolving, and ultimately preventing major quality issues that lead to low customer satisfaction, large recalls and return efforts, and in some cases failed businesses.

With GradeQ, businesses will have the ability to see quality issues when products first go into production. This new visibility provides businesses with a choice for the first time. The choice to make improvements as soon as possible, the choice to accept the additional cost of lower quality, or the unpopular choice to end production and re-engineer the product which may be necessary to maintain the viability of the business. In this last, unpopular situation, GradeQ would provide hard estimates to justify that action if necessary. This contrasts with the current process of today where businesses find out about major issues after most of the product has been produced and it is too late.

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