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How does an Industrial Engineer or Six Sigma Black Belt justify resources to address quality issues?  They have access to engineering and other resources in manufacturing and service but at the end of the day there are budgets and engineers have limited time to address field issues except when there is a significant issue and Directors and higher level Executives approve a special project.  Special projects are a challenge to justify and most that are needed never happened.  This has been true until now.  GradeQ not only lowers the scope of a project to the components that are causing the field issues lowering the barrier to entry, it calculates the Hard ROI numbers based on projected quantities, actual costs, and consumer prices to permanently address the issues justifying the appropriate resources to address specific problems.  Instead of letting the squeaky wheel get the grease or calling in a favor, everyone in quality can base that decision off of what will benefit our customers and shareholders the most!

Quality requires investment like all other business activities.  Ensure the highest return on your investment with GradeQ:

  • Most quality issues will by corrected with very little cost by simply changing quota arrangements (vendor product quotas) in supply chain
  • GradeQ created a gradually increasing escalation process to resolve issues with the optimum amount of resources
  • GradeQ identifies priorities among similar products answering the question “When there are 15 similar products all with quality issues, which should be fixed?”
  • Large quality efforts are supported by hard cost estimates providing the data businesses need to make informed quality decisions based on ROI
  • Accuracy of ROI estimates improve as actual costs are entered into GradeQ post implementation and are refactored into the AI based analytics

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