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Maximize Profits

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In Brief  Increase your profits By lowering expenses Increasing quality lowers return expenses Focus your existing quality resources onto the issues that will matter most and not just the squeeky wheel.  Improve engineering, manufacturing, and quality departmental efficiency. By increasing prices Improving quality increases product value supporting  higher margins Increase the value of your brand in the eyes of your customers …

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Hello Utopia!

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Welcome to the real world where 10 to 20% of your paycheck is lost simply because products wearout early, are designed or manufactured improperly, and fail prematurely.  Most do not realize the magnitude of this expense and that we aka consumers ultimately pay for all poor product quality! Think about it.  Who pays when a business purchases equipment and it …

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Justify Resources

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In Brief Problems cannot be resolved without resources, and all resources require justification even if an issue assumes this from the purpose of a department.  Big issues are extremely difficult to justify as it typically pulls resources from and delays new product development.  GradeQ provides the hard numbers executives need to make an informed decision and the right choice   Quality …

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Identify Quality Problems

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In Brief Quality problems are hidden and difficult to find until now They are hidden when metrics are rolling up to the product level averaging out low level components that cause the problems Calculating Component quality is the key to finding issues Not only are the root cause of issues hidden, their impact is hidden as well GradeQ identifies the …