Hello Utopia!

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Welcome to the real world where 10 to 20% of your paycheck is lost simply because products wearout early, are designed or manufactured improperly, and fail prematurely.  Most do not realize the magnitude of this expense and that we aka consumers ultimately pay for all poor product quality!

Think about it.  Who pays when a business purchases equipment and it fails early?  One might think it doesn’t affect me because the business owns the equipment and has to pay to replace that product, but in reality and indirectly we all pay.  When equipment fails it costs the business which in turn causes the business to raise prices which we as consumers ultimately pay the higher price.  Have you ever made a major purchase for a product like a flat-screen TV and it failed a month after the warranty expired?  Who ultimately pays to replace or repair the TV?  We aka consumers do.

Imagine a new Utopian world where everything purchased worked as advertised and operated reliable over the life of the product!  That is the world GradeQ is creating, one where everything works and we all retain an additional 10 to 20% of our  paychecks!

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